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News [Archives - 3rd quarter 2003]

20 september 2003

2 septembre 2003

Romanian with gypsy origins, Ilie Stanescu, was entitled “international king of the Gypsies”, during a ceremony in the monastery of Curtea de Arges, 140 km in the north of Bucharest, broadcast on Romanian television.
Mr. Stanescu, who received this title Sunday under a “decree” signed by autoproclamed “emperor of the Roms”, Iulian Radulescu, was given a crown out of gold weighing more than a kilo, in front of several hundreds of moved “subjects”.
“The title of international king of the Gypsies is granted to His majesty Ilie Stanescu”, said during the religious service an orthodoxe priest, while making several times the sign of the cross. “It is a great day not only for me but also for all the orthodoxe ones”, declared the new “sovereign”, while leaving the 16th century monastery, where were crowned several Romanian princes and where in particular rest kings Carol 1st and Ferdinand.
The Church however did not see of a good eye this ceremony, a spokesman of Teoctist patriarch, the supreme head of the Romanian orthodoxe church, criticized the participation of priests in this “crowning”. The Gypsies of Romania, 536.000 officially but more than 1,5 million according to their leaders, also count another autoproclamed “king”, in the person of Florin Cioaba.

6 august 2003

19 july 2003

4 july 2003

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