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News [Archives - 3rd quarter 2004]

28 september 2004

20 september 2004

2 september 2004

7 august 2004

It's strange to me that a jury that started its work with extensive declarations about the importance and purpose of the film industry ended up by giving the Golden Palm to reportage, the entire importance of which is that it is trying to intervene and influence the election of the next American president. What is the difference between one American president and another ? I wonder. They're all really the same, they're all products of the media and they all declare that they want the same thing - to do well by the people and bring peace to the Middle East.

28 july 2004

Many other concerts (but not yet confirmed) will take place in Italy, Germany, Spain, and then in South America in 2005.

The least we can say, is that Matthieu Dhennin loves Kusturica. The site he made on the director overflows of information. From the biography of the director to the files of ex-Yugoslavia, it abounds like in a film of the great Emir. It would be a pity that such a site remains underground…