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News [Archives - 1st quarter 2005]

7 march 2005

26 february 2005

This forum being brand new, it will seem to be quite empty at the begining, but it's up to you to make it living and friendly. I invite you to create an account, and to let it know to your friends. The direct address of the forum is : I am the moderator of this forum and I'll keep an eye on the discussions. I count on you ! Only one constraint : please write in english so that a maximum of people can participate. I'll keep listening to your comments : the sections may evolve according to there use.

22 february 2005

21 february 2005

11 february 2005

As encoding for both languages is on two discs, we can expect a high DVD transfer quality. For the moment, we have no information on the exact content of the “previously unreleased documents”. This collector set is already available for pre-order on for 24.98 euros, shipping worldwide.

A call for candidates is launched by ministery of youth for the Prix de la Jeunesse of the next Cannes festival, that will take place from may 11 to 22.
60 young people coming from all regions of France and all member countries of the European Union are invited by the Ministery to participate to the Cannes festival and to express their artistic point of views. Nine will constitute the Jury-jeunes, which will give the 24th Prix de la Jeunesse to a film chosen between the two official selections (Official Compétition and Un Certain Regard).
In order to participate to the Prix de la Jeunesse, the candidates must be between 18 and 25 years old and send before march 15th 2005, the following documents to the Centre régional d'Information Jeunesse (CRIJ) :

All the peopl pre-selected will participate at the actions proposed around the Prix de la Jeunesse : workshops, documentaries, projections and debates.
Last year, the jury-jeune, which was composed of seven young cinephiles, gave the Prix de la Jeunesse to the hungarian film KONTROLL by Nimrod Antal, presented in the section Un Certain Regard.

2 february 2005

Many other concerts are also being prepared, and can still not be officially announced, but be aware that the tour will continue at least until september 2005…

21 january 2005

5 january 2005