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News [Archives - 2nd quarter 2005]

15 june 2005

8 june 2005

21 may 2005

10 may 2005

19 april 2005

Being President of the Jury is a great occasion to pay homage to the cinema and to the work of a director. I like to pay attention to all identities and their expression, aprehend reality under different points of views.
I'm feeling the soul of a leader and I'll take care the Jury can express its point of view and expose its vision of cinema. We will watch the films with great attention and discuss them afterwhile the most freely possible. The cinema fives the sense of collaboration, sharing.
Each film if the result of a personal vision of reality. I've always considered my own films as the expression of an art but also of an amusement, because films are basicly a way to connect the people and the things.
On the set of Life is a miracle, in the middle of the mountains, I built a village : Küstendorf. Those who want to make cinema, concerts, painting or keramic shall be able to come there to live for a time. It seems to me the Festival de Cannes is like this, an international village, dedicated to sharings, cinematographic and human meetings. Spectators are always hungry, curious and demanding.
I dream this place being open to cultural diversity, to all the arts and that it connects tight and strong links between cinema and music. Both univers ally perfectly, respond to each other and get richer mutually. I tend to consider creation the same way when I'm shooting and when I'm on stage : the point is to give structure to a material. Moreover, music can be seen before being played. And regarding cinema, it seems to me the the mixed art per excellency. And if I take so much of my time now to cross the world for my concerts, the feeling of this ” one shot ” experience, I'm first of all, a cinema director.

2 april 2005

1st april 2005