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10 june 2006

19 may 2006

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21 april 2006

8 april 2006

Blue book - French sources
Kusturica, Emir - Director, actor and musician of bosnian origins, known mostly for his exuberant films on Gypsies or on the Yugoslavian war, with music by Goran Bregović.

Red book - Balkan sources
Kusturica, Emir - Serbian director and producer, known mostly for his intellectual commitment and the radical political ideas in his films.

White book - various sources
Kusturica, Emir - Yugoslav director, known mostly for having won twice the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

The subjective lexicon of Emir Kusturica is a portrait of the director from Sarajevo with multiple entries. If his films are often well known and appreciated, the man remains an enigma, quickly juged, badly understood because of long silences or out of their context quotes, amalgams or systematic attacks from various personalities. The idea of this book is precisely to put the declarations back into their context, and to draw, thanks to anecdotes, small or big stories, a portrait in several dimensions, to offer on Emir Kusturica a multiple glance, even contradictory, but finally coherent.

The book should be available in bookstores in France, Switzerland and Belgium on 15 april. It can already be ordered on The book is in French, and no translation is scheduled for the moment. For people in Paris, I'll be signing the book at my editor's bookstore L'Age d'Homme, 5 rue Férou, Paris 6th, on thursday 20 april from 3pm to 8pm.

1st april 2006

1) 2 april update : this last information was, of course, an april fool ;-)