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Gordan Mihić

Gordan Mihić was born in Mostar in 1938. After studies of literature in Belgrade, he started to work in 1957 as a journalist at the Borba daily newspaper.

At the beginning of his brilliant career of scenario writer, Gordan Mihić was a journalist of investigation and had the rigour and precision of the work of chronicler, but always also quite a creative curiosity.

Mihić is just a young journalist when it hears the call of the cinema and the very young television so that he starts to write for the small and the big screen. At the beginning, he works with his colleague Ljubisa Kozomara of the Borba daily newspaper. Together they write the scenarii of nine significant and daring films, in particular the two masterpieces of Zivojin Pavlovic, When I Am Dead and White and Rat's Awakening. Together, they make their beginnings as directors for the cinema with Vrane/Crows, one of the major films of the Yugoslavian Black Wave. Later, Mihić was to turn three other. He signed more than forty scenarios, among which The Dog Who Liked Trains, The Deceptive Summer of 68, and Someone else's America, all three directed by Goran Paskaljević, but it is with Emir Kusturica that his collaboration will be the most brilliant, with the Time of the Gypsies, Black Cat, White Cat.

His wife, Vera Cucik, is an actress who has much success on stage and on the small screen. His daughter, Ivana Mihić, followed not only the traces of her mother, but is also, among the young producers of the country, one of keenest to work.


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