Interview in Republika Srpska magazine Ekstra magazin, in july 2003

The one who's called ”the genius with unbrushed hair” has always been the target of hypersensitive people of ex-Yugoslavia, who think being able to judge the moral values. He was said to be a man without morals, honesty and to have betrayed his country, but nobody would dare to attack his talent, his glory and his pride. These last years, it always was of good tone to attack Emir Kusturica. He and his films are political events in his ex-country - and of the first class events - and he is considered with as much importance as the politicians. Said to be Serb nationalist at the time of Milošević, to show the Serbs as Gypsies, to betray Bosnia, ”the Emir of Serbia” as they call him, the genius with hard words, strong films and tight fists is a director of the same level as Almodovar or von Trier. As we discuss in a bar in Dorcol, in the suburbs of Belgrade, we have the impression that people here do not like it, and between two cups of tea, on his guards, he seems ready to answer: ”Be careful, I am Kusturica.

Aleksandar Djuricic, translation by Matthieu Dhennin & Nina Novaković

1) Milorad Vucelić was the director of Serb television under Milošević ; it was one of the Co-producer of Underground. It is accused of complicity in Zoran Djindjic's murder; he is in prison since April 2003