Interview in French newspaper Libération of 2 june 2006 (special Football world cup)

The director of Underground shoots a documentary on the mythical Argentine football player and also prepares himself to support Serbia-Montenegro in Germany. His visions of the game, between politics and aesthetics.

Met in Munich in April, Emir Kusturica and his No Smoking Orchestra were doing a concert in the Muffathalle. The day before had been announced the selection of Jens Lehmann as goal keeper of the German team, in place of the Bavarian giant Oliver Kahn. On stage, the singer of the itinerant Serbian band, ”Dr. Nelle”, who was carrying the shirt of ex-Yugoslavia, red star on the heart, did not miss the occasion to speak of it with the public : ”If Kahn doesn't want to play for you, he can come in the team of Serbia-Montenegro !” The blank which followed in the public, made up essentially of alternative young people to whom football passes far above the head, brought back the band to its music. After the show, in the hot atmosphere and the over-populated backstage, discussion with the director - and approximate guitarist - who hasn't finished finishing with Maradona, the center of his next film. Not to say, its subject. At first, it looks like a testamentary ordering of the “Pibe de Oro”. Then it appears to be, with Emir Kusturica, more conceptual and politically prospective.

Interview made by Olivier Villepreux (in Munich), translated by Matthieu Dhennin

1) First round 1967
2) Quarter of finale of the World Cup in Mexico. The match was lived as a revenge after the Maluin war, in 1982.
3) Nestor Kirchner
4) Emir Kusturica hates English football and you feel it. George Best, Northern Irish, played in Manchester United.