"Real artists are always face to face with death", interview made the day before the opening of the Opera "Time of the Gypsies" in Paris, published in Le Monde.

52 years old, after nine full-length films and two Gold Palms in Cannes, the Serbian musician and director Emir Kusturica brings for the Opéra of Paris his first setting on a lyric scene. It's the world creation in scenic version of the famous film Time of the Gypsies, shot by Kusturica in 1988, which won the Jury Prize in 1989, in Cannes. Exclusively interpreted by Serbian musicians, this “punk opera” is sung in gypsy language.

We met the director at a few days before the first.

Interview by Marie-Aude Roux, translation by Matthieu Dhennin

1) the journalist is wrong since Küste means “coast” in German, when it's Kunste which means “art”. So Küstendorf should be literally translated as “village on the coast” and not “village of arts”