"Maradona's dribbling with stars" - interview in Vecernje Novosti, 23 april 2008

Film, Football and Festival - three F for a winning combination. Football and Film artists Kusturica and Maradona will be together in Cannes. The new film of the maestro director and the Football wizard will have their première gala on the Croisette. We met Kusturica during the shooting of the French film ”Farewell” in the studios in the suburbs of Paris, when he was preparing his luggages to fly to Moscow, for a concert with the No Smoking Orchestra.

He plays a Russian spy. ”I play a double-agent who is on the knees, tired of life. It's an interesting story and film idea, and I think it will help me in cinema art” told us the director who never rests.

Link to the original article (Serbian) : novosti.co.yu

Interview by Goran ČVOROVIĆ, translation by Nina Novaković & Matthieu Dhennin