Saterday is the day of the Republic - interview in Vecernje Novosti, 27 november 2008

World tour of “Emir Kusturica & The No smoking orchestra“, after two years travelling all around world, will stop in Beograd, on the ex-most important celebration of nations and folks, 29 November. Just before the spectacle in „Arena“, the famous director explains why is No Smoking Orchestra a „circus attraction“, thrills audience like some kind of acrobat balancing on thin wire despite death… This year they have had concerts in 44 countries, and the only place where never play are Africa and North America. Committed audience are with them in Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, and even Japan and Australia ; and this year, there will be 3 concerts in Serbia. During 2nd Kustendorf film festival in Mecavnik, among a lot of others actor and directors will be Alain Delon. The most impressive moment on this tour is when Mikhalkov went up on stage… or maybe when Oliver Stone joined the band in Thessaloniki ? Or again, with Diego Maradona as suport in Cannes !? Or… Let's wait the concert in Arena. We are connected with music and film experience. Each song is short film. This project made something unexpected in the world, taking from one side Balkanian identity, communicating at the same time with great success like „Western bands“. But, without the support of the global industry of showbussiness.

Interview by Nikola Jankovic, translation by Nina Novaković and Matthieu Dhennin