"My wife is the pillar of my family" - interview published in Serbian magazine Story, 21 January 2009

The famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica, appreciated and recognized all around the world, doesn't want anyone to disturb the universe he built in Mecavnik, and certainly none of the modern influences of the outside world. He refused all opportunities to go live elsewhere, like other celebrities from the world of cinema, Kusturica has found his ideal oasis, a place that has helped to develop ideas of his last two films. In addition to other awards and titles for his work, he has recently been made a Knight of Arts and Letters in 2007, what had been awarded before him to Danilo Kiš and Vladimir Velickovic. With his group the No Smoking Orchestra, for over ten years, he has been giving concerts around the world, and the media covered them wherever they go. Even if he is the friend of the people of the jet-set, he avoids the major events, and spends most of his time surrounded by his wife Maja, Stribor his son, his daughter Dunja, and received a high dose of emotion with the birth of his little son Janko for whom the famous director devotes all his spare time.

Interview by Moni Marković, translation by Nina Novaković and Matthieu Dhennin

1) You can read the article (in Bosnian) on the website: http://www.bhdani.com/arhiva/251/t25136.shtml. The most incredible in this story is that this article was written by Abdulah Sidran, the Bosnian poet who co-wrote the scenarios of Do you remember Dolly Bell ? And When father was away on business.
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