"Johnny believed in my madness" - interview in Vercenje Novosti, serbian magazine, 26 July 2009

I'm going to the south of Spain, from Granada to Mursia where Sergio Leone filmed his “speghetti westerns”, and there I will set half of my film” says Emir Kusturica, during the visit a studio under construction at Drvengrad. ”Here, I will build a very large studio, in Drvengrad. It is here that with Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp and Miki Manojlović, I will shoot the interior scenes. ” The saga about the Mexican revolutionary will be represented by these actors, all friends of the famous director.

I must say that this film will have nothing to do with “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The fate of Pancho will look more like our epic “marriage of Maksim Čarnojević” 1). At the end of the film, Juanita (Salma Hayek) can not admit her love for the revolutionary because he has killed members of his family, but she still has the option to say no at the last moment, when she should get married with another man …

Interview by Nikola Janković, translation by Nina Novaković and Matthieu Dhennin

1) theatre play of the Serbian poet Laza Kostić
2) neighborhood of the old city of Belgrade
3) nickname of Belgrade downtown because of the large number of women who come to make breast surgery
4) small town near Belgrade
5) The code name for the operation of the bombing of Serbia by the NATO, in response for the atrocities in Kosovo, was named “Merciful Angel”. This had shocked the Serbs, mainly Orthodox Christians, while the KLA had strongly damaged Serbian monasteries