"In Tito's place came Angelina Jolie" - interview for Blic, Serbian paper, 2 January 2012

The first award he won as a student in Karlovy Vary for “Guernica.” In 27th won in Venice (“Do You Remember Dolly Bell?”), has twice won Cannes, taught at Columbia University, fought with all the globalists agendas, convinced that the universally can't do without individuality, the Japanese believe that the “Underground” is the best anti-war film in the last ten years, in Chile he is recognized by the film, the founder of the Kustendorf, a festival that is exclusively dedicated to young authors, a missionary … It is time to deal with Fyodor.

Event of the Year by Kusturica :

The monkey entered the tank…

Interview by Raško Kovačević/Milan Vukelić, translated by Nemanja
Source : blic.rs