"Our Yugoslavia", crossed-interview between Enki Bilal and Emir Kusturica, in French magazine L'Express, september 1992

Enki Bilal, finishes on September 24th, his « Nikopol Trilogy » with « Cold Equator »1). Emir Kusturica, twice crowned in Cannes (When father was away on business, Time of the Gypsies), completes the editing of his first American film, ”Arizona Eskimo” (which will be released in January 1993 under the name of ”Arizona Dream”). Cousin titles for two brothers. The first one, son of a Bosnian and a Czechoslovakian, arrived in France at the age of 9. The second, Bosnian Moslem, has crossed the world for seven years. When we proposed them to meet and speak about their native land, ex-Yugoslavia, they immediately agreed. It was undoubtedly their way to rebuild the country.

Translation by Matthieu Dhennin

1) published by Les Humanoïdes Associés