Momentum and Emotion, Emir Kusturica's Black Cat, White Cat in indieWire, interview by Anthony Kaufman, 9 September, 1999

When you make movies the way I do, you invest everything you have” says the renowned Yugoslav filmmaker Emir Kusturica. ”And you do it like a crazy maniac.” If you were one of the lucky few who saw his last film, the Golden Palm winning Underground, you'd know what he means: 50 years of Yugoslavia's history packed into 3 hours of bursting song, dance, drink and bloodshed. Kusturica's talent for exhilarating tales have made this Bosnian-born auteur one of the most awarded filmmakers in the world. (He is one of only three directors ever to win Cannes' top prize twice.) Kusturica's latest film is his most crazy, colorful and non-political film to date, Black Cat, White Cat, a screwball story about gypsy rival families, tuba-filled music, double weddings, and life and death.

After repeated distribution delays from USA Films (most likely because of the renewed problems in the Balkans), Black Cat, White Cat finally begins its theatrical play this Friday. Kusturica sat down with indieWIRE for an in-depth interview during his visit to the New York Film Festival last year, to discuss his total and crazy devotion to cinema, his elaborate tracking shots, the importance of location and Kitsch.

Interview by Anthony Kaufman