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Life is a miracle


Director Emir Kusturica
Original title Život Je Čudo
Working title Gladno Srce, Hungry Heart, Love Story, When life was a miracle
Release 14 mai 2004 (France)
Original language Serbian
Length 2h32 (cinema version), 5h (long TV version)
Music Emir Kusturica & Dejan Sparavalo, played by the No Smoking Orchestra
Script Ranko Bozić & Emir Kusturica, based on an idea by Gordan Mihić
Photography Michel Amathieu
Box office 536.000 (France), 1.129.900 (Europe)


National Education Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, 2004 César of the Best film of the European Union, 2005


What could be better for the village than a touristic railway ? And what could be worse for tourism than the war ? Busy with the construction of the railway, Luka closes the eyes on the war. He is specially worried by this donkey that blocks the train. But when his wife leaves him for a musician and Miloš, his son, is called up for the military service, his life starts to look like a battlefield. Fightings start soon in the station and Luka realizes he's at the heart of a true battlefield. Moreover, Miloš is made prisoner. At this time he meets love in the person of Sabaha, a Muslim nurse. But Sabaha should serve as en hostage for Luka, and must be exchanged if he wants to get his son back.


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Soundtrack Life is a miracle

The soundtrack was written by the No Smoking Orchestra

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CountryFormat audio languages subtitles languages buy online Description
Australia DVD Z4 PAL Serbian 5.1 making of
Germany DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1, German
Belgium DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1, French 5.1 French, Dutch Double DVD edition
Belgium DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1, French 5.1 French, DutchAmazon.fr4 films set1)
Spain DVD Z2 PAL Plurilingue, Castellano, Serbio, Español castillan
France DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1, French 5.1 FrenchAmazon.frDouble DVD
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France DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1, French 5.1 FrenchAmazon.fr2 films set2)
Italy DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1, Italian
United Kingdom DVD Z2 PAL Serbian
Russia DVD Z2 PAL Serbian, RussianRussian


The shooting lasted thirteen months, from March 2002 to April 2003, without any real pause. This marathon shooting is mainly due to the unfavourable weather conditions (poor summer, rigorous winter), and to the constant rewriting of the scenario by Emir.

Stribor Kusturica (captain Aleksic) : “Dying does not hurt, it is living that hurts”.

A long version of the film was broadcast on Serbian television in January 2006 (in 6 episodes of 50 minutes).

During the shooting, a bunch of mad Frenchmen managed to arrive on the set, and with a lot of luck, they could meet Emir Kusturica himself, who happened to be very pleased by this irruption. This scene ends in a funny way the film that these Frenchmen were shooting : Mister K.

Shooting anecdotes by Jerome Thiault (sound engineer), collected in February 2003 :

Shooting anecdotes by Michel Amathieu (director of photography), collected in February 2003 :

The scene of the cascade, by Slavko Štimac :

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