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No Smoking Orchestra

The beginning of the story of the band matches with the one of Zabranjeno Pušenje, in the 80's in Sarajevo, and the one of Dr. Nele Karajlić.

At the time of Do you remember Dolly Bell ?, Emir Kusturica met the members of the rock band. They became friends, and he started to play with them occasionally, to record an album, or for concerts, to change his mind during two shootings.

The No Smoking Orchestra When Yugoslavia imploded in 1991, the musicians separated and the group stopped for a while. The members still in Bosnia relaunched the band in Sarajevo and made several new albums. Those who left to Serbia, among which Nele Karajlić and violin player Dejan Sparavalo made a new album, joined Emir Kusturica back, and took a new name for the band : the No Smoking Orchestra, literal translation of Zabranjeno Pušenje. Emir's son, Stribor Kusturica also joined the band to play the percussions.

During the shooting of his film Black Cat, White Cat, Emir Kusturica called regularly his friend Nele Karajlić to ask him to compose occasionally, a techno song, a gypsy tune, a folk melody… After a while, Nele asked him : ”but tell me, Emir, who writes the music of your film, anyway ? - Well, it's you !”.

Since then, the No Smoking Orchestra has also written the music for each film of the director. In return, he made a documentary on them : Super 8 Stories.

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The band

Dr Nelle Karajlić Emir KusturicaStribor Kusturica
Dr. Nele Karajlić
Leader, singer, lyricist, composer
Emir Kusturica
Monsieur Cinéma”, ”Professor
bass player, then guitar player, composer
Stribor Kusturica
Zoran MarjanovićDejan SparavaloGlava Markovski
Zoran Marjanović
Čeda, the guru
Dejan Sparavalo
Leopold”, ”the judge
Violin, composer
Glava Markovski
the Head
Drazen JankovićZoki MiloševićNeša Petrović
Drazen Janković
Her Dralle Draugentaller
Keyboards (brother of Nele)
Zoki Milošević
Neša Petrović
Goran PopovićIvica Maskimović
Goran Popović
The pope
Ivica Maskimović


A previously unreleased track ”Lost in the supermarket”, composed for the film Strawberries in the supermaket is available on the CD of ATTAC, available on


The band continues touring in 2012 :



Moscow, May 2016

Belgrade, Arena 2008

Torino 2008

Novi Sad, Serbia - 17/05/08

Paris, La Cigale - 25/11/2007

Paris, L'Olympia - 2005

Paris, Le Zenith - 20 april 2005

Israel - 2005

Paris, l'Olympia - 30 mai 2000

Montreal - 1999 (by Pierre Langlois)

Romania - 1999