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Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra - photomonography by Dragan Teodorović Zeko


Title Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra
Author Dragan Teodorović Zeko & Dr. Nele Karajlić
Publisher DR Studio (Belgrade)
Language Serbian & English
Release 2007

The first official “photomonography” of the No Smoking Orchestra was made by Zeko, the photograph who was with the band during all their concerts since 1999. After having worked for the lights at the theatre or concert places, he was embedded with the No Smoking Orchestra to be their “visual memory”.

We had already seen on the official site of the band some of his photos, but what we didn't know is that he had kept the most beautiful, the funniest, the most intimate, or the most delirious for this book. The result is something big ! First, by its size, the book is beautifully made, and has large pages, on nice quality paper. Of course, inside, you'll find many pictures (182), without real order, but carefully annotated and often linked to funny anecdotes. Chosen extracts :

As an introduction, the book starts with the story of the band, from the Zabranjeno Pušenje times, told by “Jagoda Jamakosmanović, retired ethno-musicologist”2).

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1) Emir Kusturica
2) another nickname for Dr. Nele Karajlić