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The brides are coming

Director Emir Kusturica
Original title Nevjeste Dolaze
Release 1978
Original language Serbo-Croatian
Length 1h13
Music Zoran Simjanović
Script Ivica Matić
Photography Vilko Filać


Jelena, a woman of character, rules an inn in an isolated place in the countryside. She lives with her two sons : Martin and Jakov. Martin has been married to Kata for 5 years, but never succeeded in having a child. Jakov sleeps with his mother in postures suggesting incest, but he is in love with Kata. Each night he hears her cries, the sexual acts with her husband inevitably finish with violence. One day, Jakov can't stand anymore, he leaves, and Kata is found dead the next morning. Two characters arrive then : an old man, who turns to be the father of Martin ; he settles and declares being returned to die here. And a girl, that Martin will keep as his new wife…


A title of the sountrack can be found on a compilation of Zoran Simjanović :


CountryFormat audio languages subtitle languages Buy online Description
Russia DVD Z5 PAL serbian, russianrussian


Ivica Matić should have directed himself this film he had written, but he died prematurely, at the age of 28. Emir Kusturica finally does it, daring a highly taboo subject for the time : sexuality, incest. Emir Kusturica declares even in Le petit livre d'Emir Kusturica (Bouineau, 1993) : ”The brides are coming is undoubtedly the most courageous subject I ever made. It deals with the transmission of energy through the family, for a better comprehension, the whole thing put in image in a very stylized way.

Produced by the television of Sarajevo, the film will however never be broadcast, being considered as too disturbing. The film is nonetheless of a great intelligence, and starts in a very promising way the future career of the young director :