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The scapegoat

Au bonheur des ogres

Original title Au bonheur des ogres
Director Nicolas Bary
Original story Daniel Pennac
Release 201?


The story is based on a comic novel by the French novelist Daniel Pennac, the first in his “Malaussène saga”.
Benjamin Malaussènne is a professional scapegoat ; he quickly becomes suspect on a strange bombing investigation, occuring in the parisian quarter of Belleville.



The news was announced on 29 november 2011 : Emir Kusturica will be part of the casting of Nicolas Bary's next film ; the shooting should start on 16 february 2012. (source :

Au bonheur des ogresThe film will be an adaptation of the novel by French writer Daniel Pennac (


Shooting took place from february to may 2012 in Luxemburg :