A Greek Summer


Original title Un été grec
Working title Nikostratos
Director Olivier Horlait
Release 23 march 2011
Photography Michel Amathieu
Script Eric Boisset


The friendship in life and death of a young Greek fisherman and his pelican … Yannis lives in poverty with his father, a demanding and irascible man since the death of his wife. One day, in exchange for a golden cross, he saves from death a strange bird and brings it back to his room, hiding from his father. Yannis gives him a magical name: Nicostratos. A tender friendship develops between Yannis and the pelican. But Nicostratos grows quickly and becomes difficult to hide. What will be the reaction of his father upon learning the existence of the bird and the gift of the golden cross ?


  • Emir Kusturica …. Demosthene
  • Thibault Le Guellec …. Yannis
  • François-Xavier Demaison …. Aristote


CountryFormat audio languages subtitles languages Buy online Description
France DVD Z2 PAL French 5.1 Amazon.frRelease on 22/02/12


The scenario is based on the novel by Eric Boisset "Nikostratos".
For the shooting, the director will need the special pelicans from the film “Le peuple migrateur”, a documentary on migrzting birds, by Jacques Perrin. In February, eight white pelicans from the Parc des oiseaux of Villars-les-Dombes (France) were transfered in Greece to prepare for the shooting of the film.

The shooting took place in Greece, in May and June 2010, in Sifnos and Milos (Cyclades Islands), Athens and Pireus.

According to greekreporter.com, Emir Kusturica fell in love with the island of Sifnos, during the shooting, in such extend that he bought a house there. When presenting the film in Greece, he even declared he wanted to live there permanently.



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