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About me

For my father, a job is like a hat you put on your head : as long as you got one, you don't have to be ashamed when you walk the street. - Axel (Arizona Dream)

Matthieu My name is Matthieu Dhennin, I am French, I created this site on Emir Kusturica in 1996. At the begining, this site just had one page, with film pictures I had arranged to show the recurent themes in the films. It is what today is the skeleton of the “symboles” line in the global map of the site. It has, since then, slightly evolved…

But first… why a website on Emir Kusturica ? Like I already told in an interview broadcast in 2004 on CinéCinéma : I discovered Emir Kusturica in 1993 simultaneously with two films : Arizona Dream and Time of the Gypsies. When the first one was released, the second one was broadcast on TV. It was for me double knock-out : I loved both whereas they were completely different. The fact they were from the same director intrigued me, and searching further, I discovered a third : When father was away on business, already crowned of a golden palm. With all these images in head, it was with a great excitement I was expecting his next film : Underground, and most of all, it was with a great frustration that I was seeing at Cannes, the French press and the parisian intellectuals making waves when I, not being a journalist, had to wait six months to see the film in a theatre…

Finally, the day I could see it, I went alone, being sure I was going to see a masterpiece. It was the case, the film was even superior to my hopes. I had the chance, at that time to have an internet access, but unfortunately, nothing, there was nothing, not a single page, not a single site on this great director. I convinced myself I “had to” fill this gap in the web, at the time internet was still considered as a tool for research, students or professionnals…

About the website

The site has slowly evolved, when I had time (and support from the visitors) … Little by little, I could thus meet people who were involved closely with Emir's work, then Emir Kusturica himself.

Today, the website has still strictly no advertisement, and I receive no financement from anybody. The bandwidth is bought thanks to the small percentage Amazon give me for the commercial links for books, CDs and DVDs.

Today, if this site is still independant, it has nevertheless the officious agreement of Emir Kusturica…

Here are the key steps :

  • 1997 : First page on Emir Kusturica at
  • 1998 : Site moved to, split in different pages
  • 1999 : Site moved to private domain

  • 2000 : New look of the site with white background and color bands. Site registered in search engines
  • 2001 : Begining of regular news updates
  • 2002 : Bought domain name

  • 2007 : Transfer of the whole site to a dedicated hosting solution. Relooking of the website, based on a wiki engine. Added some music files to listen.

… and the adventure continue !

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