Ademir Kenović

Ademir Kenović was born in 1950 in Sarajevo. He directed several film or telefilms, among which The perfect Circle which won prestigious prizes (such as the Special Jury Prize at the Paris Film festival, the Grand Prix and Best Director at the Tokyo Film festival, and the Prix François Chalais at the Cannes Film Festival).

Goran Bregović wrote the music for the film Kuduz. Two songs of this soundtrack were put together with the one of Time of the Gypsies.


  • 1989 - Kuduz
  • 1991 - Ovo malo duse (a soul more)
  • 1994 - MGM Sarajevo: Covjek, Bog, Monstrum (MGM Sarajevo : Man, God, Monster)
  • 1997 - Savrseni krug (The perfect circle)
  • 2004 - Secret Passage
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