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15 june 2005

  • Küstendorf school opens this summer ! The programme is called ”Art is (not) in transition” and is oriented on the transition in the Balkans from communism to capitalism. The students shall have one the possibility to apply for one week cinema lessons with Emir Kusturica himself, for music lessons or scenography lessons. The price (650 € for the lessons with Emir Kusturica, and 250 € for the other) include lodging in the village. Be careful, inscriptions are taken into account until 20th june only ! For more information, please contact :

  • Küstendorf again : Emir Kusturica's village just won the prestigious Philippe Rotthier architecture prize for the building of a city. This prize, exists for more than 25 years and is given every three years. 68 different projects were selected from 15 european countries. The jury rewards the director and musician who reproduced the original architecture of his country as a peace and reconciliation factor, and a booster for the touristic ecnomony of the area. All the information on the foundation :
  • The Maradona project is going on : Kusturica and Maradona have met Vojislav Koštunica in Belgrade. Kusturica wants to replay the famous goal Maradona scored in 1982 as a player of the spanish club FC Barcelone, by winning 4-2 against Belgrade Red Star.

8 june 2005

  • The first Serbian Film Festival will take place in Paris from 8 to 13 june at Espace Pierre-Cardin (3, avenue Gabriel, Paris 8e). The festival has Miki Manojlović and Royal Highness Alexandre Karadjordjevic as guests stars. At the programme : Srdjan Koljević, Dušan Kovačević, Rasa Andrić, Miloš Radović. Beside the official selection of six films, we will be able to see the unavoidable Underground, but also a very interesting full screening of the past films of Goran Paskaljević, amon which the famous “Cabaret Balkan” (1999). It is a great occasion to discover all the talents of the Serbian cinema, since they are often hidden by Kusturica. More information on :
  • Also during the festival, there is a photo exhibition of Marcel Hartmann : “one year with KUSTURICA” (free entrance, open at 2 pm), at espace Pierre Cardin.
  • We can also admire the superbe work of Marcel Hartmann this month in French cinema magazine Première : he made a great photo reportage behind the scenes of the Cannes festival. The magazine also features pictures taken by Dunja Kusturica, Emir's daughter.
  • 4 new Interviews (translated in english) were added from the very first years of the career of Emir Kusturica. They give a very interesting look at his early work.

21 may 2005

  • And the winner is … Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne, the belgian brothers who receive their second Palme D'or for “L'enfant”. They get into the very close club of the directors who received two Palmes d'Or, next to Emir Kusturica, Bille August, Francis Ford Coppola and Shohei Imamura. The other prizes went to : Jim Jarmusch for Broken flowers (Grand Prix du Jury), Michael Haneke for Caché (Prix de la mise en scène, best director), and Wang Xiaoshuai for Shanghai dreams (prix du Jury). The film of Tomy Lee Jones got two prizes : best actor (himself) and best scenario. Finally, the best actress is the Israeli Hanna Laslo.
  • In Cannes Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra performed a concert for the 30th anniversary of Belgian company CinéArt that released Underground and Life is a miracle both in special editions. We could even see Javier Bardem drumming and Salma Hayek dancing ! This concert will be broadcast on sur Croatia TV sunday at 20.50.
  • Diego Maradona arrived at Cannes on friday to meet Emir Kusturica. Nothing new was said yet on the documentary project.

10 may 2005

  • We're at one day before the 58th festival of Cannes, hilighted this year by the great come-back of the auteur cinema and the out-of-competition world première screening of the last episode of “Star Wars”. Note that a 21st film was added to the list of the films in competition : it is “Tales of cinema” by the Korean Hong Sangsoo. Among the other news, this year are two important innovations :
    • The “Atelier du Festival” aims at presenting 18 projects of films coming from 18 different countries and to find their necessary fundings when more and more films under development are proposed to the buyers on the market of films.
    • The new theatre “Cinéma du monde” should allow to “show the diversity of the world cinema” by making discovering the production in countries where film industry is poorly known. Then beside Morocco, South Africa, Austria, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Mexico and Peru shall contribute to widen the field of propesction in the festival, when the asiatic and latino-american continents already have their entrances.
  • After a one year inquiry and many interviews, on the complex personnality of Emir Kusturica, Dan Halpern has made an important article for the New York Times. Printed this week end, this very interesting article is available in the Interviews section, in english of course, but also in French language.
  • A CD and a video DVD of the No Smoking Orchestra tour will soon be released. It will be a concert recorded in Buenos Aires last march.
  • Emir Kusturica has directed a commercial for a famous fruit juice brand in Serbia : “Next”. Having more film than needed, he might decide to make a short film out ot it.
  • In a recent interview, Emir Kusturica has announced that the railway station he bought in Herceg Novi (small town in Montenegro on the Adriatic coast) will be transformed in Cultural Center. Opening should be at the autumn.
  • More than 1000 people came to visit Küstendorf during the only week of Easter. The cinema plays documentaries, and the ”(A)Torzija” by Stefan Arsenijević, based on a script of Abdulah Sidran. New pictures of the site were added in the page.
  • Goran Bregović will reform this summer his first mythical band : Bijelo Dugme for a few concerts : 15th june in Sarajevo (stadion Kosevo), 22nd june in Zagreb (stadion Dinama) and 28th june in Belgrade (Hipodrom).

19 april 2005

  • Emir Kusturica finally met Diego Maradona in april in Argentina. Both “geniuses” had a nice time together, and their involvement seem to be important.
  • Release of Do you remember Dolly Bell ? and When father was away on business on DVD in the USA (zone 1, NTSC) is postponed to 26th april.
  • An important precision on the 3 DVD collector set of Underground : picture restauration was made by CMC laboratory. There were more than 20 hours of computer graphical process in order to eliminate many imperfections on the picture. A very low compression rate also enabled to keep a maximum of sharpness, and the resultat can't be compared to the other DVD editions.
  • When the band is ready to put the fire to the Zénith in Paris, a new date is announced for the No Smoking Orchestra tour : 17th july in Montpellier (France).
  • The official selection of the Cannes Film Festival was announced this morning. Here are the 20 films in competition :
    • A History of Violence - David Cronenberg (Canada)
    • L'enfant - Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne (Belgium)
    • Where the Truth Lies - Atom Egoyan (Canada)
    • Free Zone - Amos Gitaï (Israel)
    • The Best of our Times - Hou Hsiao-Hsien (Taïwan)
    • Broken Flowers - Jim Jarmusch (USA)
    • The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada - Tommy Lee Jones (USA)
    • Bashing - Masahiro Kobayashi (Japan)
    • Sin City - Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez (USA)
    • Batalla en el cielo - Carlos Reygadas (Mexico)
    • Kilometer zero - Hiner Saleem (Iraq)
    • Election - Johnny To (Hong-Kong)
    • Quando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti - Marco Tullio Giordana(Italy)
    • Last Days - Gus Van Sant (USA)
    • Manderlay - Lars von Trier (Danemark)
    • Shanghai Dreams - Wang Xiaoshuai (China)
    • Don't Come Knockin' - Wim Wenders (Germany)
    • Hidden - Michael Haneke (France)
    • Peindre ou faire l'amour - Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu (France)
    • Lemming - Dominik Moll (France) - opening of the festival
  • Several remarks :
    • no animation films, this year, no documentary either
    • Danis Tanović's and Ahmed Imamovic's films were not selected.
    • The festival is clearly under the sign of the auteur cinema.
    • The films have in common two big themes : paternity and the violence in the world.
    • Star Wars III - revenge of the Sith will be screened out of competition.
  • And finally, along with this list, here is the “word of the president of the jury”, Emir Kusturica :

Being President of the Jury is a great occasion to pay homage to the cinema and to the work of a director. I like to pay attention to all identities and their expression, aprehend reality under different points of views.
I'm feeling the soul of a leader and I'll take care the Jury can express its point of view and expose its vision of cinema. We will watch the films with great attention and discuss them afterwhile the most freely possible. The cinema fives the sense of collaboration, sharing.
Each film if the result of a personal vision of reality. I've always considered my own films as the expression of an art but also of an amusement, because films are basicly a way to connect the people and the things.
On the set of Life is a miracle, in the middle of the mountains, I built a village : Küstendorf. Those who want to make cinema, concerts, painting or keramic shall be able to come there to live for a time. It seems to me the Festival de Cannes is like this, an international village, dedicated to sharings, cinematographic and human meetings. Spectators are always hungry, curious and demanding.
I dream this place being open to cultural diversity, to all the arts and that it connects tight and strong links between cinema and music. Both univers ally perfectly, respond to each other and get richer mutually. I tend to consider creation the same way when I'm shooting and when I'm on stage : the point is to give structure to a material. Moreover, music can be seen before being played. And regarding cinema, it seems to me the the mixed art per excellency. And if I take so much of my time now to cross the world for my concerts, the feeling of this ” one shot ” experience, I'm first of all, a cinema director.

2 april 2005

  • Yesterday's news was of course an april fool. Nevertheless, the Maradona film is going to become reality tomorrow : on sunday 3rd april will be the 100th anniversary of the Boca Juniors, the famous football culb of Argentina where Maradona started to play. Emir Kusturica has just left Belgrade for Argentina : the first pictures are going to be shot. We know very little what will be this film ; except what Emir Kusturica told the press : ”It will be a totally idealistic vision of the argentine football star” ; ”The structure of the documentary will be very complex, it will re-establish the truth on his life”. Some scenes will be shot in Italy, in Barcelona, and in Cuba where Emir Kusturica wishes to meet Fidel Castro, big friend of Maradona.
  • Football seems to interest cinema these days, and it's no less than 5 film projects on this subject that are being prepared. Amon those, let's notice another Maradona project by Marco Risi, and a collective of short films for the Germany World Cup 2006 for which Emir Kusturica is committed, as well as Kenneth Branagh, Jean-Jacques Beneix, Werner Herzog, Ulrich Seidl and Abderrahmane Sissako. This film could be présented at the Berlin Film Festival in 2006.
  • Having seen the DVD of the Underground collector set that is due to be released in France on april 22, I put an article on the film page (article written for the excellent French site, that made the content of the educational CDRom of Life is a miracle). The result is even better than expected : the picture and sound quality are absolutely incredible : completely remastered for the release, each of both DVD proposes the film with a dts 5.1 soundtrack (in original or in French language). “dts” sound is amazing : the brass bands, the bombs, the animals seem to be in the room : we're in the middle of a zoon, we're in the cave, we're inside the film… On the third DVD, a regret with the missing bonus “interviews and backstage”, but the sole presence of the very good making-of (Shooting Days) by Aleksandar Manić, deserves the investment. Regarding the languages, only French subtitles are availableon the Original version disc, the bonus have a French audio commentary, and the interviews are in original languages, subtitled in French. All in all, it's a great set, truly collector, which really pays homage to the masterpiece.
  • The South America tout was shortened for family reasons, and the band is sincerly sorry for the argentine and colombian public, which must be very frustrated. Nevertheless, now the tour continues : in Bourges, beside the No Smoking Orchestra the public shall be able to hear the great Rona Hartner (Gadjo Dilo).
  • New pictures of Küstendorf where we see Emir Kusturica with prime minister Vojislav Koštunica, and the Prince of Serbia.
  • For the first time ever, Time of the Gypsies has been released on DVD in Slovenia. Nevertheless, this edition only proposes slovenian subtitles. A complete review of this DVD will soon be on the site.

1st april 2005

  • Emir Kusturica has announced it this morning to the argentine newspaper La Razòn : he will himself play the football player Diego Armando Maradona in the fiction scenes for the new movie. The director justified the idea : “I always thought I was the best director among the football players, and the best football player among the directors. Today, I'm going to show what I can do on a playground. Of course, I don't pretend to have the same level as Diego, but I think I can imitate his play in a serious way.” Only remains the problem of size : “Diego is a little bit smaller than me, concedes Emir Kusturica, but we are going to correct this on the computer.” Filming should take place this summer in Argentina, in Spain and in Italy, as soon as the festival de Cannes, where Emir Kusturica will be president, will be closed.
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