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21 september 2005

  • All the invisible children has now a website : We can find information and pictures of each of the 7 short films, including of course Blue Gypsy, the one by Emir Kusturica.
  • Live is a miracle in Buenos Aires DVD is available for pre-order on Even if the audio CD is gorgeous, the DVD really makes the experience more crazy :
    • the show is longer (5 tracks more than the CD !)
    • Sound is mixed in 5.1
    • The DVD has a bonus documentary shot in Küstendorf.
  • Fashion is in the DVD box sets :
    • In France, a double DVD set will be released on 3 october with Life is a miracle and Arizona Dream. No bonus, thus, but the set is sold at the price of a single film.
    • In France too, and still for 3 october, it's a Johnny Depp 3 DVD set that will group Arizona Dream, The Man who cried and The Ninth Gate.
    • In Belgium, Cinéart made a 7 DVD set with 7 Palmes D'or : Underground, Secret & Lies, Rosetta, Dancer in the Dark, La Chambre du Fils, The Pianist, and Elephant. For the festival lovers !
    • And in Russia, Life is a miracle and Black Cat, White Cat are packaged together.

14 september 2005

  • The end-of-study short film Guernica Emir Kusturica made in Prague will finally be released on DVD, with other first short films of famous authors such as Lars von Trier, Roman Polanski, Ridley Scott, Terry Gilliam… Named “Le court des grands”, this edition is the achievement of a great work by Julien Hossein of Europacorp. Release is scheduled for 30 november 2005.
  • The Live is a miracle in Buenos Aires CD can now be ordered from, as well as from The track-listing previously mentioned was the one of the live CD. The DVD has more tracks, among which Karakaj, Evergreen and Mornari Plove. The DVD had been filmed by 6 different cameras during the memorable Buenos Aires show, rendering truly the atmosphere of the night. Release is still scheduled for 27 september. A trailer of the DVD can be seen on This twin CD & DVD release is the occasion for the band to switch to the independant label Palass, distributed by Warner.
  • Moreover, the website of the band was seriously re-designed and has many surprises, such as songs or video-clips to download :
  • The cinema lessons session in Küstendorf went on very well. The students were coming from Bulgaria, Great-Britain, Greece, Sweden, Belgium and Serbia & Montenegro. Students said Emir was a passionating teacher and he transmitted his experience and knowledge to the students. During the session, a writing exercise allowed Emir to choose 2 scenarii : “THE WEDDING CABBAGE” by Zeljko Mirković (Serbia & Montenegro) and “AURORA” by Isabelle Eklöf (Sweden). Zeljko and Isabelle could then shoot and edit their own film with the help of the other students. Both films were screened on the last evening in the “Underground” cinema in the village. Zeljko Mirković : ”To learn from Emir Kusturica is a big honor and great motivation for the further work. Emir Kusturica proved himself as a great host and a wonderful professor”.
  • Rumours start to spread on the new film Emir Kusturica will shoot in 2006. (working) title is ”Promise me this”, and it would tell the story of a son promising his dying grandfather to accomplish three wishes before he dies : go in town sell a cow, buy an icon, and come back with a bride… Discovering the city, the boy would also discover life and love. Emir says it will be a smaller film than Life is a miracle, more intimate.
  • Life is a miracle is now available with english subtitles, and can be ordered from

20 august 2005

  • Emir Kusturica was expected in Copenhagen to receive a Golden Swan for his work toward european cinema. But his doctor asked him not to go, invoking a cardiac arrhythmia. His last film Life is a miracle opens the 3rd Copenhagen International Film Festival.
  • The festival of Guča is over. Dušan Milić managed to shoot “Love meeting in Guča”, his second film (after Strawberries at the Supermarket), also produced by Emir Kusturica, via his company Rasta Films.
  • Festival again : The one of Sarajevo is just open. Until 27 august, the 11th Sarajevo Film Festival will present many new films, coming from European and regional horizons. Indeed, we can see films from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia and UNMI Kosovo. More information on
  • The DVD ”Live is a miracle in Buenos Aires” is announced for 27 september. Details of DVD :
    • PAL, Zone 2
    • Tracks :
      1. Intro
      2. Fatal wounds
      3. Drang nach Osten
      4. Boccherini minuet
      5. Upside down
      6. Ja volim te jos
      7. Meine Stadt
      8. Vasja
      9. Wanted man
      10. Introduction for Romeo
      11. Was Romeo really a jerk ?
      12. Pitbull terrier
      13. Devil in the business class
      14. Bubamara
      15. When life was a miracle
      16. Introduction of the orchestra
    • Documentary on the No Smoking Orchestra in Küstendorf
    • Photos gallery
  • The CD of the concert, will be released on 13 september.

27 july 2005

  • Live is a miracle in Buenos Aires”, the CD of the Buenos Aires concert is announced for 13 september 2005. It can be ordered on (worldwide shipping available) at a discount price before its release. The release of the DVD has not been confirmed yet.
  • The band is resting during the month of august (Emir will be giving cinema lessons in Küstendorf), and in september a few concerts will end this tour, with the “fête de l'Huma” (France, 9 september), then 4 dates in Israel, and at last some big cities in Europe (dates and places not yet confirmed). Then, it will be time for Emir to take his camera back to finish Maradona before…
  • …starting a new full length film in 2006. No official information for the moment, except that (like for Maradona) the film will be produced by French company Fidélité, the producers of author filmmakers like François Ozon, Cédric Kahn or Bertrand Blier.
  • Meanwhile there is also the release of the last short film of Emir Kusturica in Take 7 (also called All the invisible children) that will be screened at the Mostra of Venice. Let's recall it is a UNESCO project, and that Emir Kusturica's part is called ”Blue Gypsy”. It is about a young gypsy who “tries” to become honnest. The other directors of this project are Mehdi Charef, Kátia Lund, Jordan & Ridley Scott, Stefano Veneruso, John Woo and Spike Lee. The film will be released in theatres in Germany on 29 december 2005. No other date has been announced yet.
  • Emir Kusturica was recently baptised serbian orthodox in a monastery of Montenegro.

5 july 2005

  • Life is a miracle has won the Golden Globe of the best european film. This new prize is attributed the same way the american Golden Globe are : by journalists from all Europe. The prize was given on 2nd july in Rome.
  • The tour continues until september. Check regularly the No Smoking Orchestra page for the last updates. These are certainly the last dates for a while, because Emir will soon be busy with the Maradona film… and maybe another shooting just after…
  • Russian editor has just released the 5h long version of Time of the Gypsies in double DVD ! This long version was edited in 5 episodes, by the Sarajevo Television, with the agreement of Emir Kusturica. We have the incredible chance to discover many new episodes of the tragic destiny of Perhan, adding even more humour and emotion, but also digging the personalities of all the characters. This double DVD is unfortunately only available as a “zone 5 DVD” (Russia), in 5.1 audio original language audio or in russian voice-over, with or without russian (only) subtitles.
  • Guča festival in Serbia, the most famous brass contest, is going to happen from 1st to 7 august. Some travel agencies propose travel and accomodation packages to live this unique event ! More information on (website to visit with volume turned on, of course !)
  • Goran Bregović is on tour all the year. After the triumph with his old band Bijelo Dugme, it's with his new opera Karmen that he's going to cross Europe. More information on
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