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10 june 2006

  • The site has been entirely checked to put back correctly the diacritics in the names in Serbo-Croatian. No more confusion for the correct pronounciation of the names, thus : c [ts], ć [tch], č [tch], š [ch], and ž [j]. Don't hesitate to report me mistakes that I would have missed.
  • A new interview of Emir Kusturica published on june, 2 2006 in French newspaper Libération (translated in English) in which Emir speaks of Football and of Maradona.
  • The page of Promise me this has some new pictures of the shooting.
  • Due to an ultimate delay, my book arrived only this week at the distributor, and shall thus arrive only today in the bookshops. Those who ordered it will receive it very soon, now. All my apologizes for the delays and thank you for your patience !
  • Thank you to Zorica, Babsi Jones, Nataša, Jean-Max and Kouka who liked my book and talked of it around them. A dossier de presse is online, with an interview-conversation (in English) where I speak with Babsi Jones of the Balkans, yugoslav literature and, of course Kusturica.
  • From 16 to 20 june 2006 at espace Pierre Cardin in Paris will be the 2nd Serbian Film Festival, headed this year by Miki Manojlović. The festival proposes a competitive selection of the best films produced in 2005-06, as well as a retrospective, among others, of Zelimir Zilnik. Complete program on :
  • French photographer Marcel Hartmann is back from Cannes with a photo exhibition at cinema “MK2 Quai de Seine”, 14 Quai de la Seine, 75019 Paris, from 14/06/2006 to 12/07/2006. We remember the superb black and white pictures he took during the shooting of Life is a miracle (and that we can also admire on his website : Good news : Marcel was again invited on the shooting of the film Promise me this. We're impatient to see his new work !
  • Last, it's with a great emotion we learnt the death of Ljubica Adžović, the charismatic grandmother in Time of the Gypsies. Emir Kusturica said : ”She was natural born talent. I worked with professionals and amateurs but she was special,and I enyojed in every scene with her. I'm very sorry because she is not anymore with us.

19 may 2006

  • Since the shooting of Emir Kusturica's new film is now officially launched, let's make the point on what we know about the project :
    • The working title was “Promise me this”. Emir Kusturica now speaks of it as “The wish”.
    • The confirmed actors are : Uroš Milovanović (who plays the gypsy with blue eyes in Blue Gypsy, Marija Petronijević, Miki Manojlović, Aleksandar Berček (who played Veljo in Life is a miracle), Ljiljana Blagojević (who played the pretty Dolly Bell in Do you remember Dolly Bell ?), and Stribor Kusturica. The rumours mentionning Juliette Binoche and Mirjana Karanović seem not to be confirmed.
    • Miki Manojlović has declared during the press conference : ”I've already made three films with Emir Kusturica, and each time, I have a bigger moustache !”.
    • Last february were the first images filmed, but the shooting has really started on 16th may 2006 in Užice, in Serbia, 200km southwest from Belgrade. Emir Kusturica should be filming until october 2006 in the region of Küstendorf, the wooden town, that will be enlarged for the film. For the first shots, a carnival was reconstituted in the city of Užice.
    • The music will be composed by the No Smoking Orchestra (Emir Kusturica was even more precise : ”by my son, Stribor”).
    • The story is the one of an old man, who, close to his death, asks his grandson to accomplish three wishes : to go in town to sell a cow and an icon, and to come back with a bride. The quest will turn into an initiatic journey for the young boy that had never left his village… The script is signed by Ranko Bozić, who had already written the one of Life is a miracle, but Emir Kusturica has already deeply modified it.
    • Emir Kusturica says the film will be ready for the Cannes Film Festival of 2007, but not for competition (”what is important, he says, is not to be ridiculous !”).
    • The director of photography will be Radovan Marković, who has, says the director, ”found the good colours for the film”.
    • The assistant director will be the leader of the No Smoking Orchestra : Dr. Nele Karajlić. He says : ”for the moment, everything goes right, I haven't been fired on the first day of shooting !”.
    • At last, let's mention that the film is co-produced by Cabiria, Emir and Maja Kusturica's production company.

17 may 2006

  • Congratulations to Frédérique, the 1000th subscriber to the Newsletter. She wins a CD of the No Smoking Orchestra : Live is a miracle in Buenos Aires.
  • Today opens the Cannes Film Festival. Let's remember that if Emir Kusturica is not present this year, his two new films will be actively promoted during the marché du film : Maradona and Promise me this. The first one is under post production (some rumours announce a theatre release for July). As for the second one, a comedy shot in the region of Küstendorf, the filming should start (again) by the end of May.
  • For the release of my book, I've been interviewed by Babsi Jones, Italian journalist passionated by the Balkans.
  • Let's mention the release a few months ago of the album “God is dead in Good Luck City” by the franco-american punk band Spontane. One of the songs is called “Kusturica”. Some brass sounds let us imagine in the middle of a chaos of sound and words an homage paid to the director and musician in a very … punk way.

21 april 2006

  • Due to technical delays, my book Le lexique subjectif d'Emir Kusturica will be available in bookshops and on internet only on 9th June. Meanwhile, it can already be bought directly in two bookshops in Paris : “librairie de l'Age d'homme”, 5 rue Férou and at “l'écume des pages”, 174 boulevard Saint-Germain.
  • After the announcement of the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival, it is now sure that Maradona won't be presented. Let's note that Patrice Leconte, the director of The widow of Saint-Pierre will be member of the jury, headed by Wong Kar-Wai.
  • In its update for 2006-2007, the website of the Opéra de Paris announces the prices and the dates of the punk Opera "Time of the Gypsies", directed by Emir Kusturica. The play will take place from 26 june to 15 july 2007, and prices vary from 5€ to 75€. Bookings will open in february 2007.

8 april 2006

Blue book - French sources
Kusturica, Emir - Director, actor and musician of bosnian origins, known mostly for his exuberant films on Gypsies or on the Yugoslavian war, with music by Goran Bregović.

Red book - Balkan sources
Kusturica, Emir - Serbian director and producer, known mostly for his intellectual commitment and the radical political ideas in his films.

White book - various sources
Kusturica, Emir - Yugoslav director, known mostly for having won twice the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

The subjective lexicon of Emir Kusturica is a portrait of the director from Sarajevo with multiple entries. If his films are often well known and appreciated, the man remains an enigma, quickly juged, badly understood because of long silences or out of their context quotes, amalgams or systematic attacks from various personalities. The idea of this book is precisely to put the declarations back into their context, and to draw, thanks to anecdotes, small or big stories, a portrait in several dimensions, to offer on Emir Kusturica a multiple glance, even contradictory, but finally coherent.

The book should be available in bookstores in France, Switzerland and Belgium on 15 april. It can already be ordered on The book is in French, and no translation is scheduled for the moment. For people in Paris, I'll be signing the book at my editor's bookstore L'Age d'Homme, 5 rue Férou, Paris 6th, on thursday 20 april from 3pm to 8pm.

  • The last saterday information on Bernard-Henry Lévi was, of course, an april fool ;)

1st april 2006

  • ** All The Invisible Children, compilation of short films (including Blue Gypsy by Emir Kusturica) has won the “Grolla d'Oro” to celebrate the huge sales abroad : the film was sold in 120 counties ! The “Grolle d'Oro” are among the oldest prizes of the Italian Cinema. Still about this film, the musical theme “Teach me again”, composed by Elisa and Tina Turner is presently number one of the singles in Italy.
  • Some news about Promise me this : now that Emir Kusturica is ready to start the shooting these next days, the casting gets clearer. We shall see Juliette Binoche, Mirjana Karanović and Miki Manojlović.
  • An information on the Opera "Time of the Gypsies" that will direct Emir Kusturica in Paris in 2007 : the No Smoking Orchestra will play together with the “Garbage serbian Philharmonia”. Gerard Mortier, director of Opéra National de Paris declares about it : ”It is no sacrifice to a joyfull and pleasant mood, a seducing music that takes you away, but more a reflection that follows the heritage of Wolf or the Temptation of Saint Antoine, a sort of border-line game.
  • Let's mention the release of two DVD editions : Underground in a collector 2 DVD set in Italy, and Life is a miracle in Japan on 5 april.
  • The rumeurs of the Cannes Film Festival unfortunately let us understand that Maradona won't be ready in time for the festival.
  • Reality reaches fiction ? Ljubica Adžović, the unforgetable grand-mother of Perhan in Time of the Gypsies has been arrested in Podgorica (Montenegro) for children traffic.
  • Since Emir Kusturica and Arielle Dombasle, the wife of Bernard-Henri Lévy, share the same producer (Palass), the relationships between the director and the philosopher have turned considerably better : Emir Kusturica has recently declared he wanted to direct a short movie based on BHL's new book (American Vertigo) to celebrate their new friendship. Titled The fish believes everything, the film should be about the american clichés1).
1) 2 april update : this last information was, of course, an april fool ;-)
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