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26 June 2008

  • Release of Manu Chao's single ”la vida tombola”, extract from the music of the film Maradona.
  • The DVD of Promise me this will be released in France on 2nd september. I have no further information on bonus, or on other countries releases…
  • During the festival Cinéditions in Paris, the film Underground will be screened on 5th July, with Emir Kusturica as guest.
  • Many new photos have been added to the page of the film Maradona, taken during the photo-call in Cannes.
  • Emir Kusturica spent some time in Moscow where Maradona will be screened for the closing party of the Moscow Film Festival, on June 28. Emir made in Moscow a concert with the No Smoking Orchestra, before flying to Asia to continue the tour.
  • Goran Bregović had to cancel the shows for the coming weeks because of an accident that led him to the hopsital. But he's already back in better shape.
  • Finally, it's with great sadness and emotion that I announce the death of Šaban Bajramović. Šaban was considered by many as the king of gypsy music. During an incredible life, he composed almost a thousand songs, and even went to Tito's goulag-jails… More recently, he participated to the original soundtrack of Black Cat, White Cat.

19 May 2008

  • The film Maradona will be screened tomorrow at midnight at the Cannes Film Festival. For this special event, Emir Kusturica and Diego Maradona will be invited on the set of the Grand Journal, big TV show on French channel Canal+, at 7.10pm.
  • Don't miss the teaser which has been added on the page of the film. You can also visit the official internet website : The film will be release in France on 28th May.
  • A new interview of Emir Kusturica has been added. It's an interview from April 2008, published in Serbian magazine Vecernje Novosti.
  • A new commercial was added too. It is a short film Emir Kusturica has recently shot near Belgrade, for a Turkish brand of jeans, and which makes a clear reference to the ending sequence of Underground. We can even recognize Nele Karajlic and Marija Petronijević !
  • Incredible show for the last concert of the No Smoking Orchestra in Novi Sad, in Serbia : the groupe played in front of more than 35.000 persons !!!
  • Finally, a technical improvement for the site, “short” addresses are now supported. For example, gives direct access to the news page in English.

23 April 2008

  • It's now official : Maradona will be screened at the next Cannes Film Festival, out of competition, in the “midnight screenings” section.
  • Emir Kusturica will return in front of the camera ! He will soon start acting in the film Farewell by French director Christian Carion (Happy Christmas), with French actor Guillaume Canet, American actor Willem Dafoe and Romanian actress Alexandra-Maria Lara (Youth Without Youth, Downfall). The shooting should start this week ! The scenario of the film is based on real events, which happened at the beginning of the 80s, and which have accelerated the fall of the Berlin wall. Emir Kusturica will play the role of a KGB lieutenant-colonel who delivered to French counter-spies crucial information on Soviet spies in western countries, particularly in economical, militaro-industrial and high technology research domains. A treason under the code-name Farewell that the movie will revisit by mixing it with the intervention of a French engineer. Let's mention that the role that Emir Kusturica will play should have been initially done by his friend Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov, but he cancelled for calendar reasons.

19 April 2008

  • In a few days, during the press conference of the 61st Cannes Film Festival, will finally be officialized the presentation of Emir Kusturica's new film Maradona. For this occasion, on 11th May, Emir Kusturica will be interviewed on French channel Canal+. The famous Argentine footballer should also be present during the festival. The huge delay on this film can be partly explained by the difficulties that Emir Kusturica has had to gather the rights on the numerous archive tapes he wanted to use. The festival will take place from 14 to 25 May.
  • Emir Kusturica will also be present in Israel at the 6th International Film Festival of the Red Sea, in order to promote his last film Promise me this. 65 films will be shown during this festival, from 13 to 17 May.
  • Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanović has launched his political party in Bosnia : “our party”. He wishes to oppose to the nationalists who divide his country. Let's mention also that Danis will start shooting next month his new film “triage” with notamment Colin Farrell and Christopher Lee. Colin Farrel will play the role of a war photographer covering the conflict between Bosnia and Serbia.
  • Let's mention that the cinémathèque suisse, in Lausanne (Switzerland), has made a homage to Emir Kusturica, during April 2008, by showing almost all his films.

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