News [Archives - 4th quarter 2008]

13 December 2008

  • Goran Bregović's new album Alkohol was just released in Serbia. It will reach France on 12 January, and other countries will follow. You can already order it on Also called “Sljivovica”, this album is the first half of an alcoholic dyptic, the other half (“Champagne”) will be released in March 2009. This first part contains 13 new songs which were recorded live, last year in Guča, Belgrade and Skopje ; the second part, Champagne, will also be a live album, but coming from concerts in Milano and Toronto. Goran Bregović : ”Sljivovica, these are sweet melodies for hard alcohol…

  • Farewell : the shooting goes on. These last weeks, between two concerts, Emir joined the shooting set in France of this spy movie, which should be released next year.
  • A new project… maybe already in The drawer ? Anyway, serbian and russian newspaper have recently echoed a project of a documentary on Ossetia by Emir Kusturica. Indeed, during his last stay in Russia, Emir Kusturica showed great interest into the conflict between Georgia and Russia. The film is likely to be based on Fatima Salkazanova's work, a Paris-based journalist. We can read, on this subject, the article of Serbian magazine Blic : Few concrete details have emerged, but Emir insured that even if he liked this idea, he wanted first to make “the Friends of Pancho Villa”.
  • About this project, we could learn new precisions : Emir declared he has now a lot of scenaristic material. He thinks dividing the film into seven short stories : ”Pancho Villa was a man with his own idea of justice, equality and anti-imperialism. He was a military leader with great moral values.” According to the last news, the film would be mostly shot in Mexico, but also in Spain and Serbia. Finally, Javier Bardem, who accepted the lead role, admitted he had once refused the very same role, that was 6 years ago, for a Tony Scott project : ”He's a too big hero for the mexicans, you must treat him with respect.
  • Following the huge concert of the No Smoking Orchestra in Belgrade, in November, many new pictures were added on the band page, as well as a new interview that Emir gave just before the show.

30 November 2008

  • It is with shock and great sadness that we learn the death of the Slovenian photography director Vilko Filać, Tuesday 25 November 2008. He was 58, and the world of cinema has lost one of its main representatives. He worked with Emir Kusturica (for all his films, from The brides are coming up to Underground), but also Johnny Depp and Diane Kurys. Remy Chevrin, president of AFC, said: ”This operator made the film photography intimately linked to the personality of the directors. AFC and all its members join the grief of his family.

22 November 2008

  • Emir Kusturica was in Greece this week. On 19 November, on stage with the No Smoking Orchestra, a guest joined the band : Oliver Stone. The unexpected duet put the audience on fire, more than usual. The same day, within the 49th festival Thessaloniki, Emir Kusturica animated a master class.
  • After the sold-out shows in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, the No Smoking Orchestra tour should get its apotheosis with a big concert in Belgrade, on 29 November. This show will have a special taste. It is already announced as the most important for their carreer… And specially for the occasion, the band will play a large selection of songs from the previous period of the band, the Zabranjeno Pušenje.
  • According to serbian magazine Blic, Javier Bardem would have confirmed his intention to play the first role of Emir Kusturica's next movie : he will be the general Pancho Villa in the huge project which has for working title ”the seven friends of Pancho Villa”. Emir Kusturica hasn't finished yet the casting, and still works on the script with his long-last friend Gordan Mihić. Shooting is scheduled to start in summer 2009, for a duration of one year !
  • The "diary of a political idiot", auto-biographic essay that Emir Kusturica has started to write some years ago, will maybe come out of his drawer. It is announced to be released in Serbian before the end of the year. No further information on translation in other languages.
  • Some news on the Küstendorf film festival : announced guests are Jim Jarmush, Oliver Stone, Ingeborg Dapkunaite, Zhang Yimou, Alain Delon and many others. The films in competitions will come from USA, UK, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Italy and Serbia.

17 October 2008

  • The DVD of Maradona was released on 15th October in Italy in a simple edition, but will be released in France on 2nd December in a more complete edition (with several bonuses, such as interviews, and behind-the-scenes). The French DVD is already available in pre-order on
  • The second edition of the Küstendorf film & music festival will take place from 8 to 14 January 2009… Let's recall that the festival gathers student films from all around the world. If the competition list is not yet known, the mystery remains on … the film which will be burried during the opening ceremony ! (we remember, last year, the burrial of Die Hard 4, with balkanic pumps & circumstances…)
  • The Opera "Time of the Gypsies" has now its dedicated website : You'll find images, videos, informations and soon, the calendar of the next shows. Enjoy it !

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