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7 december 2010

  • The fourth edition of the Küstendorf Film and Music Festival will take place from 5 to 12 January 2011. As we can guess from the poster, the theme will be “the odyssey”…
  • There is some movement into The drawer :
    • On 9 November 2010, Belarus president Alexander Loukachenko gave the presidential prize to Emir Kusturica “for the preservation and the developpement of traditions and spirituality into the cinema” ; he also asked him to direct a “memorable” film in Belarus.KFF 2011
    • Playing in Moscow, Emir Kusturica told the local press that he had an idea for making a film in Russia : the story of a man who would like to make a film, searches for a producer, and the one who accepts asks in return that he kills his wife…
    • Cool Water is getting closer ? Anyway, Emir Kusturica would have asked the Armenian group Almazian’s Obsession to compose the original musique. Emir has already met this band in 2008, when they came for the opening of the first Küstendorf Film and Music Festival. Then, they also played together with the No Smoking Orchestra in march 2010 in Yerevan. (source :
    • Concerning Pancho Villa, on the contrary, it looks like this project is sinking into the depths of the drawer. Indeed, during the promotion for “The Tourist”, his last film, Johnny Depp took his distances with this project. He declared to French Press Agency ”that he felt uncomfortable with the idea of playing the role of Pancho Villa, for the Serbian director Emir Kusturica, without being 'Hispanic'”. He also added : ”With Emir Kusturica, we haven't talked of this project for a while. (…) I don't know what happened with this project.” (source : AFP)

27 october 2010

Smrt je neprovjerena glasina

  • After years of reworking, Emir Kusturica has finally presented his book to the press : ”Smrt je neprovjerena glasina” (Death is unverified rumours), published in Serbia (Novosti edition). Several personalities were present to celebrate the event : writer Dušan Kovačević, actor Slavko Štimac, musician Nele Karajlic, politician Vojislav Kostunica… Composed of seventeen autobiographical novels, this book allow, according to the author, a better understanding of his films. For the event, Emir Kusturica confessed being more happy and more excited than for his first film. The book is, for the moment, only available in Serbian, and can be ordered through the site

11 october 2010

  • Following the hostile reception he met in Turkey, Emir Kusturica has decided to leave the Antalya Film Festival where he was invited as a guest, believing that his safety was not assured any longer. The discord was reported by the Anatolia news agency : the director has been accused by the Turkish Minister of Culture Ertuğrul Günay to have minimized the Serbian crimes committed during the Bosnian war (92-95). In a press conference, the filmmaker then recalled his status of “anti-imperialist” and criticized Turkey for its denial of the Armenian genocide. If it is a pity to see this useless controversy take precedence over cultural and artistic considerations, I would nevertheless like to mention the numerous messages I have received from Turkey, from people sorry about the controversy, and wishing fervently to see Emir Kusturica back in their country, one day.

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