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3 september 2011

Rusko Selo

  • Construction of Kamengrad has barely started when Emir Kusturica announced in the press that he plans to build a third utopian village - this time, on the hills surrounding Sarajevo. The village is to be named “Rusko Selo” (Russian village), and will be situated on the former Olympic site of mount Trebević. The goal is to add a multicultural dimension to Sarajevo, with this orthodox village, composed of traditional houses of the 19th century. This project is launched with a Russian businessman, Alan Glazov, who initially wished to reproduce the idea of Küstendorf in the Caucasus. Emir Kusturica asked in return to build a Russian village nearby his birthplace, Sarajevo. Discussions with the local authorities are well under way and construction is expected to start next spring. The village will be accessible by a cable-car, directly from Sarajevo. (source :
  • The autobiography of Emir Kusturica has been translated into German : “Der Tod ist ein unbestätigtes Gerücht: Mein bisheriges Leben” ; it will be released on 5 september by Albrecht Knaus Verlag. We can pre-order it on

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