The Arrowtooth Flounder

Family : Pleuronectidae
Specie : Atheresthes stomias
Official name : Arrowtooth Flounder

This fish gave the original title to Arizona Dream : The Arrowtooth Waltz.

It is a flat fish one can find in the seas in the south of Alaska (up to California). Its color is just on only one side, and it has the two eyes on the same side of the head. It has a large mouth, which extends further than its eyes, and very pointed teeth, in the shape of arrows (hence arrow-tooth). The left eye is on the higher peak of the face. It is brown-olive on the side of the eye and white on the side without visibility. It measures approximately 90 cm centimetres. It is an edible fish, but the meat can lose its consistency if badly cooked.

Note : The idea of the flying fish would come from a painting of Yugoslav mannerist painter Ivan Generalic : The Fish out of the water.

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