Blue Gypsy

Director Emir Kusturica
Original title Blue Gypsy
Release 2005 (Italy), 2007 (France)
Original language Serbian
Length 10 mn
Script Stribor Kusturica
Photography Milorad Glušica & Michel Amathieu
Music No Smoking Orchestra


  • Grolle d'Oro of the Film Festival of Saint-Vincent, Italy, for the italian film that made the best sales abroad


Uroš (the gypsy with blue eyes), is about to be released from the juvenile detention center in which he has spent quite a long time.

He is facing the mixed feelings that he has towards his release; dealing again with his Father who forces him to steal yet being supposedly freed into the outside world. Uroš' choice will become clear once he will find himself cornered…


  • Uroš Milovanović …. Uroš
  • Dragan Zurovac …. the guardian
  • Vladan Milojević …. the conductor
  • Advokat Goran R. Vracar … the father
  • Mihona Vasić …. the mother
  • Mita Belić …. Mita
  • Dalibor Milenković …. Samir
  • Miroslav Cvetković …. Sima
  • Petar Simić …. the one-eyed


Shot in Küstendorf, based on a script by Stribor, this film is a command of UNICEF and gathers 7 short films by 8 directors coming from different places : Mehdi Charef, Spike Lee, Kátia Lund, Jordan & Ridley Scott, Stefano Veneruso and John Woo. The whole film was released in 2006 under the name All the invisible children.

Emir Kusturica about this short film : ”This film is different especially for its length, because I had to compress my ideas in less than 20 minutes, something which I learned from the commercial films, but it was especially interesting to make a film which, in some way, shows things that people don't know. As in my other projects, I express my observations, my obsessions but it's the first time since the cinema school which I make a film like this one. Somebody gave me a key which I transformed into a script.

Like in most of his other films, the human being is in the heart of the history: ”do you make a film on the basis of the beat of modernity or on the basis of the beat of your heart?”.

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CountryFormatZoneaudio languages subtitles languages buy online Description
Germany DVDZ2 PAL Serbian 5.1, German



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