Bora Todorović

Bora Todorović was born on 5 november 1930 in Belgrade. He's one the greatest living yugoslav actors. Graduated of the Theatre Academy of Belgrade (today the Dramatic Arts Faculty), he acted in many plays of Dušan Kovačević at the famous Atelier 212.

In Time of the Gypsies, he was the only “professional” actor that Emir Kusturica recruted, because he estimated that the character of Ahmed needed a big actor as Bora Todorović. Indeed, he acts all the film in Rrom, the gypsy language that he didn't know at all ! Bora declared then : ”After having made a film in English, and now a film in Rrom, I think I could very well make a film in Chinese !

In october 2000, after the Revolution in Belgrade, he cheered the new president Vojislav Koštunica and asked the people to ally the government with these words : ”The cinema works again !” (this sentence comes from one of his most famous films : The Marathon Family, of 1982)

In November 2002, he received the “Pavle Vuisić” prize for his contribution to the yugoslav cinema.

Bora Todorović is the father of Srđan Todorović.

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