Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was born in London in 1889 and went to Hollywood in 1913. His first films were short but very creative sketches based on his little tramp character. After the Circus in 1928, he will direct more and more ambitious projects, still keeping a very important social background in his subjects.

Charlie Chaplin in Emir Kusturica's films

One of the biggest homages Emir Kusturica has paid to Charles Chaplin is certainly the scene of Time of the Gypsies where Merdzan makes a funny imitation of The tramp, and makes laughing Perhan, his sister et most of all his grand mother.

Let's mention we find Emir Kusturica in the “bonus” of the new DVD edition of The Circus, in which he makes very fine and personal analyses of some key scenes of the film.

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