Davor Dujmović

Davor Dujmović was born in 1969 in Sarajevo. Emir met him in the streets of Sarajevo when he was making the casting for When father was away on business. He was 13 and gave him the role of elder brother Mirza. He turned to be a great actor, even being still completely amateur, 4 years later in Time of the Gypsies. Emir was fascinated by his ability to transform his face from an extreme candour to harder feelings.

Between “Father” and “Gypsies”, Davor plays in two episodes of a TV serie, as well as an important role in ”the strategy of the thieving magpie”, a film of Zlatko Levanic, out of a script written by Emir Kusturica. This role allowed him to prepare the character of Perhan.
Davor was born in Sarajevo in 1969, and in 1988, he still hadn't left his home town. The shooting of Time of the Gypsies allowed him to visit his country, as well as Italy. After his studies, he decided to make a music school, and they are his own accordeon talents that Emir records during the shooting.
Emir said of him in 1989 : ”Davor is the most beautiful discover I've made over the last ten years, as an actor and as a human being. I still can't understand how someone can have such a spirituality. He's as beautiful as ugly, which is for me, unvaluable.

In 1990 and 1991, Davor played several characters in the serie Top lista nadrealista of Dr. Nele Karajlić.

Davor Dujmović committed suicide on 3 june 1999 in Novo Mesto (Slovenia), after a serious depression.


Davor's sister made a website (in Serbo-Croatian) dedicated to the memory of the great actor : www.perhan.com

Filmography (films of E. Kusturica)

Filmography (other directors)

  • 1987 : Strategija svrake (the strategy of the thieving magpie), by Zlatko Lavanić
  • 1989 : Mjeseceva predstava : Captain Skot
  • 1990 : Aleksa Santic (telefilm)
  • 1990 : Adam ledolomak (Adam the icebreaker), by Zlatko Lavanić
  • 1990 : Belle Epoque : Gavrilo Princip
  • 1990 - Istocno od istoka (east of the east), by Ales Kurt, Marko Marinković & Slobodan Skerlić
  • 1990-1991 : Top lista nadrealista (telefilm)
  • 1991 : Sarajevske price (telefilm) : Boban Kokot
  • 1991 : Praznik u Sarajevu, by Benjamin Filipović
  • 1992 : Prokleta je Amerika (segment “Ruzina osveta”)
  • 1995 : Slozna braca (telefilm), Mustafa 'Mute' Halimic


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