Europe, my city is burning !

(text by Emir Kusturica, translated by Matthieu Dhennin, published in Frecnh newspaper Le Monde on 24 april 1992)

Since, Europe, you are changing the face of the Balkans these days, don't forget that you have also to stop the war which rages over there.
On my city fall the grenades sent from the surrounding mountains by some wild bands. Sarajevo is in tears and blood ; in Yugoslavia, everyone cut the other's throats.
United Europe, if you create new States on all the Yugoslav territory, you must understand consequently that you take the responsability for the blood over there, for the children tears and the distress.
While mad dogs send the grenades from the hills of Sarajevo and destroy the old medieval city, the current president, such as a General without an army, the president of a State without borders calls for the defense of the democracy at the price of blood.
Europe, this is no time for political analyses, any political direction already died over there, we can only try to extinguish the fire : Europe, my city is burning ! Over there, instead of the spring rains, fall the grenades.
I know how difficult is to understand my scream, while in Paris the first steps of the democracy were made two hundred years ago when each place of Paris bathed in blood. However, Europe, do not leave the places of Sarajevo, today at the end of the twentieth century, become what Paris was, because the new order doesn't take place today like at the nineteenth century.
Europe, this is the end of the twentieth century in the Balkans !
The chaos of the ethnique war was introduced in the Balkans for hundreds of years : it's the ground on which the greatest empires tore, it's there that the Roman Empire splitted in two, east and west, it's there that the ottoman empire saw its end ; it's there that the austro-Hungarian monarchy was buried.
Europe, the confrontation of the Muslims of Bosnia and Serbs of Bosnia is not authentic, it was manufactured, it appeared on the rests of the dead empires leaving behind them ashes. It is maintained by the nationalist movements deprived of any reason, it's YOUR fire, its up to YOU to extinguish it.
It's time to check your conscience, Europe, if ever you exist !


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