Director Giovanni Robbiano
Original title Hermano
Release 2007 (Italy)
Original language Italian
Music Pasquale Filastò
Script Riccardo Aprile, Marcello Olivieri & Giovanni Robbiano
Photography Pietro Sciortino


Antonio Sterni is a young man without family, without roots and who does small jobs for Don Eugenio, a mafia boss, who some years ago shot his father. Antonio doesn't know this. Don Eugenio entrusts him this particular mission : deliver a car to a russian mafia boss in Switzerland. During his trip, Antonio meets an ex-Argentina boxing champion, Carlos Avileda, who saves him from a fight with a drunk truck driver. To thank him, Antonio drives him to Switzerland in order to find the man that once ruined his boxing career. Their friendship gets reinforced during the journey and Carlos decides to take Antonio's place for the car delivery. The car affair was a trap and Antonio tries to save Carlos but arrives too late. The russians kill the boxer and Antonio returns to Napoli to have the revenge of the death of his friend by killing Don Eugenio…


  • Ignazio Oliva …. Antonio Sterni
  • Rade Serbedzija …. Carlos Avileda
  • Paolo Villaggio …. Don Eugenio
  • Cristina Moglia …. Franziska
  • Emir Kusturica …. Chomsky


In this film, Emir Kusturica plays a small role, the character of Vladimir Chomsky.

Giovanni Robbiano was one of Emir Kusturica's students in the Columbia University in New York.

DUe to difficulties to find a distributor, the film was only shown occasionally, during festivals.

Read the exclusive interview of Giovanni Robbiano.



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