Karmen (with a happy ending)

Release : may 2007
Publisher : Mercury (Polygram)
Format : CD

Karmen (with a happy ending)

  1. Uvertira
  2. Gas Gas
  3. Savatone
  4. Mashala Mashala
  5. Dikh Mo Vast
  6. Pampur Galbeno
  7. Stop
  8. Ne Siam Kurve Tuke Sijam Prostitutke
  9. Lumia Sitoj I Gurumni
  10. Soske Murseske
  11. Focu Di Raggia
  12. Me Sam Devla Romani
  13. Koferi
  14. Bijav
  15. Lamour

Composed, arranged & produced by Goran Bregović.

Goran : ”The Gypsies don't have operas. Bizet composed for the first time a piece dedicated to the gypsies. I decided to change it, and to finish with a happy ending. Because all the stories about Gypsies are sad and tragic. So, for the first time, the Gypsies have their opera, which must end with a wedding. It's a small piece people can play at parties or weddings… I don't have the intention to become opera composer !

This album was played live several times since 2004, before Goran finally decided to release it on CD.

A film should also be made, and will be directed by Goran Bregović himself.

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