Ljubica Adžović

Ljubica “Aïcha” Adžović was born in Skopje. She was found by an assistant of Emir Kusturica for the role of the grand mother in Time of the Gypsies. Emir asked her to make some shooting tests : ”She had a very strong exppression, she was very emotive and after three or four screen-tests, she happened to be capable to reach the level I searched for the character of the grand mother. Moreover, she could predict the future by reading the lines of the hands - which is, in a way, already acting - she had nine children, and she really looked terrible !

In 2001, Ljubica said to be harrassed by the albanese mafia (see the information about this). She had then asked for political asilum to France after having lost all her goods in Montenegro.

More recently, in 2006, Ljubica was once more in the news, when she was accused of gypsy children traffic. Her case couldn't be judged since she died a few times later, on 23 may 2006. At her death, Emir Kusturica declared : ”She was a natural born talent. I worked with professionals and amateurs but she was special, and I enyojed in every scene with her. I'm very sorry because she is not anymore with us.

Filmography (films of Emir Kusturica)

Ljubica has always refused to play with anybody else than Emir Kusturica.


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