Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. It is situated in the heart of the country. Its name means « the city we love », in German its name is Laibach. It is situated between the rivers Ljubljanica and Sava. Its population is 310 000 inhabitants.

The architectural heritage of the city is rich in monuments of all kinds and all times, from Antiquity to the XIXth century. It is marked by the seal of an architect of international fame, Joze Plecnik, who built famous bridges as well as the market or the national and university Library. The Old Ljubljana is nice for flanery. One reaches it by the triple bridge (Tromostovje), one of the florets of the city. In summer, the narrow lanes are encumbered by the terraces of the cafés. The Pogarcarjev open air market is a recommended place of walk. Do not fail to visit the castle and to admire the panoramic sight, since the walk of the ramparts, allowing to admire all the city and its surroundings.

Ljubljana in Emir Kusturica's films

In Time of the Gypsies, Perhan dreams to send his sister to the hospital of Ljubljana : there only they will be able to take care of her legs.

Emir Kusturica was never very warmly received in Ljubljana. An old competition exists between Slovenia on one hand, Serbia and Bosnia on the other hand. His films are never commercial successes there, and one sees clearly in Underground how the armies Nazis are applauded by crowd, contraryly to a desert Belgrade

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