Miki Manojlović

Pedrag 'Miki' Manojlović was born on 5 april 1950 in Belgrade. Miki Manojlović is a cosmopolitan and early actor. He is one of the most famous yugoslavian actors. Born in Belgrade - his mother has Montenegrin Croatian origins, his father is Serb with French origin, he plays for the first time in 1956. In 1972, he finishes his studies at the of the Art faculty of Belgrade, and starts an actor career that will not stop any more. It's first with the theatre that he shines, by interpreting roles such as Hamlet, Charles II, Caligula, Macbeth, Cyrano…

Miki Manojlović is the main character in the two Golden Palms of Emir Kusturica : When father was away on business and Underground. Miki plays at the theatre as well as at the cinema, abroad as well as in his own country.

And if he had not been already booked for the play Mahabharata directed by Peter Brook in Paris, he would have also played in Time of the Gypsies.

Miki Manojlović, talking about the NATO bombardments in 1999 : ”Westerners must understand that no one can constraint anybody, that Balkans need to live their own life with their own multiplicity of cultures, religions, languages. They must understand that they should not worsen the situation with their own frustrations and their ideas which do not function, that the more bombs will fall in Yugoslavia, the less safety will be in Europe.

Filmography (with Emir Kusturica)

Filmography (other directors)

  • 1990 : Un week end sur deux, by Nicole Garcia, Adrian
  • 1992 : Tito and me, by Goran Marković, the father
  • 1995 : Someone else's America, by Goran Paskaljević, Bayo
  • 1998 : Cabaret Balkan, by Goran Paskaljević, Michael
  • 1999 : Les amants criminels, by François Ozon, the man of the forest
  • 2000 : Mortel Transfert, by Jean-Jacques Beineix, Erostrate
  • 2003 : Les Marins Perdus, by Claire Devers, Abdul Aziz
  • 2004 : Ne fait pas ça !, by Luc Bondy
  • 2005 : Hell, by Danis Tanović
  • 2007 : Irina Palm, by Sam Garbaski
  • 2008 : Largo Winch, by Jérome Salle


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