Mister K

Mister K

Director Augustin Legrand, Ronan Dénécé
Release 2005 (festival screenings only)
Language French, English
Length 27mn
Music Taraf Borzo, Zaragraf
Script Jean-baptiste Legrand, Pierre Thomas, Ronan Dénécé, Augustin Legrand
Photography Ronan Dénécé


A young French actor wishes to meet Emir Kusturica on the shooting of his film Life is a miracle in ex-Yugoslavia


  • Augustin Legrand …. Raoul
  • Roland Gervet …. the gypsy
  • Pascal Oumaklouf …. the mute
  • Delphine Keravec …. the bride
  • Emir Kusturica … himself


The soundtrack contains great titles of gypsy music :

  • Taraf Borzo - Puncha Puncha « Gypsy Heart »
  • Zaragraf - Absoloutli Romanticno « Deba, Baba »


Without trying to imitate or to copy Kusturica's style, we still feel many homages. We are in his universe, still searching for him (in a literal as well as in a physical way). But his film has its own identity : original, funny, crazy.

Shot in 10 days, after 25h driving, the film was written, but also improvised after the adventures that occured on the way. They had no rendez-vous, just the phone number of a contact of the production company in Paris, but yet, they threw themselves into the unknown, on the roads of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, and it's with much chance and intelligence they could shoot the final scene where their car arrives on the set (yet carefully watched, and forbidden to journalists !)…

After the surprise, the arrival of this band of creazy French people finally pleased the whole team of Life is a miracle, and specially the French exiled Farid Chaouche, Michel Amathieu and Jérome Tiault.

Since it was shot, the film has had an honourable carreer in French short films festivals (Lyon, Paris, Aubagne, etc.)

The director and main actor, Augustin Legrand has led a fight for the homeless during the winter 2007 with his association Les enfants de Don Quichotte.


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