On the Milky Road

Director Emir Kusturica
Original title Na mlečnom putu
Working title Love & War
Release 2016 (Serbia)
Music Stribor Kusturica
Scenario Dunja Kusturica


A man, shaken by fate after his wife's death, choose to be a monk.



Previously known as “Love and War”, the film is now called “Along the Milky Way” (Na mlečnom putu); it is a film based on his short film Our Life and the script was co-wrote by Emir and his daughter Dunja.

History of the project :
In an interview of June 2012, Emir Kusturica declared he was going to shoot a film based on his short film ”Our Life”.

Shooting will begin at 15. Septembre in Trebinje and will end till 15. December. Lead roles will be played by Sloboda Mićalović and myself.

(source : serbian.cri.cn)

More information was found on this topic after a concert given in St Petersburg, in september 2012 : the film would already be in progress and the working title would be “Love and War”. The film would be in three-parts and Emir Kusturica confirmed he would be the leading role. Stribor Kusturica would compose the music.

(source : sptimes.ru)

In december 2012, Monica Bellucci tells to the French magazine Les Inrocks : ”Even if I can't tell you that much for the moment, it will be a film centered on the relationships between love and war. I will play a Serbian woman from a simple background, and Emir will be my husband. It's quite conceptual and very violent.”. Shooting should start in April 2013. (source : lesinrocks.com)

In april 2013, the project gets more precise : Emir announces a date for the beginning of the shooting, on 15 june 2013, in Trebinje. (source : kurir-info.rs)

The shooting finally started on 17th june 2013 in mounts Tara (Масив планине Таре), in West Serbia, long the border with Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mounts Tara are famous for their medieval ruins the ones of old Medieval city Solotnik. On Wednesday, the shooting will continue in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the region of Trebinje.

In June 2014, after a pause of almost a year, the shooting of the film started again in Trebinje. Emir Kusturica was spotted there in his monk dress, and rumours says there is wedding scene being prepared. Monica Bellucci should join the crew within the next days. A surprise : faithfull actor Miki Manojlović is announced in the casting ! Indeed, a few changes have been made to the script during the winter.
In october, shooting was stopped again, due to some unexepected events on stage.


The film has its own Twitter account : @onthemilkyroad. You can there follow the news of the film.

Timeline of @onthemilkyroad

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Monica Bellucci attends the US premiere of On the Milky Road. Congratulations to Monica who also received the... https://t.co/ewspm8q7K9
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