News - 29 september 2013

Along the milky way

  • The shooting of "Along the Milky Way" (Na mlečnom putu) continues since mid-august with the presence on stage of Monica Bellucci in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The page of this new film has now a certain number of photos taken from the shooting. We can see Monica Bellucci and Emir Kusturica playing with the elements in breathtaking batural sets, like the waterfall of national parc of Hutovo Blato (near Mostar), as weel as mounts Tara and Zelengora (in Republika Srpska).
  • A new project in The drawer ? In august 2013, Andres Copelmayer, producer and Uruguayan government adviser told the press that Emir Kusturica had given his agreement to direct a film on president Jose Mujica, ex-guerillero of extreme left, put in jail under the dictatorship (1973-1985), in order to produce a “humanist gift which transcends borders”. Elected since 2010, president Mujica differs from his peers through his lifestyle of an extreme simplicity. He frequently moves with no body guard, repays 87% of his salary to charity and continues to live in his “chacra” (farm) in the popular area of Cerro, in Montevideo. He is at the origin of a law project (waiting to be validated by the senate), to make the first state in the world to control the production and sale of cannabis. (source : In september 2013, the project seems to become reality : an Uruguayan website says that the shooting started on 23 septembre 2013 in New York, when Mujica made a speech at the United Nations. The site also indicates that Emir Kusturica has scheduled to meet president Mujica four times, and the first encounter shall be in november. (source :

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