After such a treason, is forgiveness possible?

Here is possible to believe that Emir Kusturica went into self-quotation, because not only these two scenes enclose respective films, but the sentence itself is subtly different. Miki Manojlović is found in the two roles: he was betrayed and he betrayed.

When father was away on business
I can forget, but I can't forgive.

Meša's brother-in-law has his life ruined because of his excessive administrative rigour. He thought he had to send Meša in camp in spite of the family bonds, but denounced in front of his own colleague, he was obliged to make him interned in a camp… Today, he regrets, but… ”I am first of all a soldier of the party.
I can forgive, but I can't forget.

Marko sequestered Blacky and all his family & friends during 20 years in a cellar so that they worked while the good life carried out to him, free, with Natalja…
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