The scenarists of Emir Kusturica's films are among the biggest authors of ex-Yugoslavia, or famous journalists.

Ivo Andrić Ivo Andrić
Yugoslav Nobel Prize of literature, Ivo Andrić is the author of many masterpieces among which A bridge over the Drina and Titanic one of Emir Kusturica's first films…

Ranko Bozić Ranko Bozić
Author, notably, of the script of Life is a miracle

Dušan Kovačević Dušan Kovačević
Great Serbian play writer, he is the author, notably, of the script of Underground

Gordan Mihić Gordan Mihić
Journalist and author Croat. He's the author of many scripts, among which Time of the Gypsies

Abdulah Sidran Abdulah Sidran
Bosnian Poet, author of the scripts of Emir Kusturica's first films…

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