Slavko Štimac

Slavko Štimac was born on 15 october 1960 in Konjsko Brdo (Croatia). He's a yugoslav actor who started his career very early. He is often called by Emir Kusturica as the ”Anthony Perkins of the Balkans”, for his great acting skills, but also for the striking resemblance with the schizo hero of Psycho…

At the release of the film Life is a miracle, Slavko declared about Emir : ”I know Emir for a very long time. It's my third film with him. I know how he thinks, and how he works. We understand each other very well. I doubt he wrote the character for me ; he just thought I could match for this kind of role. I read at least two or three versions of the script, then we met, long before the shooting, to talk. But it's mostly on the set that we talked. We didn't organize any sessions of lecture, or whatever. Emir doesn't do that kind of things. Everyday, before we start, we play the dialogues and the scenes, and we talk of them. He loves talking. He finds his energy and his inspiration in all what surrounds him. He can make modifications while we're working on a scene. On the set, we see things differently than on paper.

Filmography (films of Emir Kusturica)


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