Smrt je neprovjerena glasina

Smrt je neprovjerena glasina

Title Smrt je neprovjerena glasina
Author Emir Kusturica
Publisher Novosti (Belgrade)
Language Serbian (cyrillic)
Release october 2010
Pages 382 pages

Finally released from the drawer after years of reworking, the autobiographical book of Emir Kusturica finally came out in october 2010 in Serbia. After “diary of a political idiot” and “where am I in the story ?”, the definitive title can be translated as “death is unverified rumours”.
Composed of 17 chapters through which Emir Kusturica opens his familiy album, we can read souvenirs and anecdotes, with a deep sense of truth and talent, without avoiding anyone.

Press presentation

The press presentation took place on 26 october 2010, along with several personalities : writer Dušan Kovačević, actor Slavko Štimac, musician Nele Karajlic, politician Vojislav Kostunica…

Buy online

The book (original Serbian language) is available on

Available translations :

  • French (“Où suis-je dans cette histoire”), released on 23rd March 2011 : available on
  • Italian (“Dove sono in questa storia (I narratori)”), released on 31st March 2011 : available on
  • German (“Der Tod ist ein unbestätigtes Gerücht: Mein bisheriges Leben”), released on 5th September : available on
  • Spanish (“¿Dónde estoy en esta historia?”), released in may 2012 : available on
  • Greek (“Ki ego pou eimai s' auti tin istoria?”), released in november 2012 : available in Kindle format on


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