Stribor Kusturica

Stribor Kusturica is the son of Emir and Maja Kusturica. He was born in 1979 in Sarajevo. Very young, he was passionate by literature and music. He wanted to be a writer, but also always went with his father on the stage when he played with his band, at the time of Zabranjeno Pušenje. Music and literature studies weren't compatible, so he chose for music. Beside playing the drums in the No Smoking Orchestra, Stribor has recently created in own group in Belgrade.

Recently, Emir gave him then some roles in his films : the character of captain Aleksić in Life is a miracle was to be a very small one, but since he enjoyed it, and since it worked very nice, the role finally turned to be much more important…

In November 2004, Stribor has had a son, Janko.

Stribor, the actor

Stribor, the musician

Stribor is the drummer of the No Smoking Orchestra, it's him who had the idea of the Unza Unza concept…

Stribor composes too. He's the author of the music of the last works of his father :

Stribor Kusturica & the poisoners

Sountrack promise me this Stribor has created his own band “Stribor Kusturica & the poisoners”.

The group is composed of :

  • Stribor Kusturica - drums
  • Zoran Marjanović “Čeda” - percussions
  • Misa Tricković “Tricko” - bass
  • Ivan Maksimović “Ivica” - guitar
  • Svetislav Vasiljević “Cakija” - guitar
  • Dragan Janjić “Belać” - accordion
  • Dragan Virigević - keyboards
  • Maksim Kocetov “Maks” - saxophone

We find two members of the No Smoking Orchestra in Stribor's band : Čeda and Ivica. Let's also mention that in the soundtrack of promise me this, we find also Goran Popović and Glava Markovski as “guest musicians”.

Buy online : CD of Promise me this on,

Band's official website :

Stribor, the author

Stribor is the author of the script of the short film Blue Gypsy, directed by his father.


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